Plëss in Concert

At the height of the tourist season, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office is organising concerts and entertainment at the bandstand located on Place d'Armes, in the heart of the Luxembourg capital. Most of the programme is made up of bands and groups originating from the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region.

For decades, the bandstand on Place d'Armes has been host to military music, bands, concerts, and recently to groups performing jazz and ambient music from Luxembourg and abroad. This popular platform also serves as a podium and prop for the Luxembourg music scene and for musicians eager to share their talent with a new public. If the rhythms and repertoires are very diverse, the aim is to constantly enhance the attractiveness of the capital providing maximum enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.


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Map of the event

Programme May 2017

02.05.2017  |  Tuesday
8.00 pm Eschduerfer Music (L)

21.05.2017  |  Sunday
11.30 am Musik Gemeng Ell (L)
4.00 pm Caecilia Wind Orchestra (B)
8.00 pm Harmonie Municipale de Mondercange (L)

03.05.2017  |  Wednesday
8.00 pm Fanfare Sandweiler (L)

22.05.2017  |  Monday
8.00 pm Big-Band Opus '78 (L)

07.05.2017  |  Sunday
11.30 am Philharmonie Préizerdaul (L)
4.00 pm Brass Band Holtz (L)

23.05.2017  |  Tuesday
8.00 pm Leidelenger Music (L)

11.05.2017  |  Thursday
8.00 pm Garnecher Music (L)

24.05.2017  |  Wednesday
8.00 pm Grand Ducal Military Music (L)

12.05.2017  |  Friday
4.00 pm Kolléischmusek (L)

25.05.2017  |  Thursday
4.00 pm Grand Ducal Harmony Marie-Adelaïde Walferdange (L)
8.00 pm Harmonie Municipale Merl-Belair (L)

14.05.2017  |  Sunday
11.30 am Fanfare Royale Ste Cécile Assesse (B)
4.00 pm Le Guéviller's Band (B)
8.00 pm Brass Band Hielem-Luerenzweiler (L)

26.05.2017  |  Friday
5.00 pm Samba Groups

15.05.2017  |  Monday
8.00 pm Lëtzebueger Postmusek (L)

28.05.2017  |  Sunday
11.30 am Music Club Alsdorf (D)
4.00 pm The clan of the caecilians (B)
8.00 pm Brass Band Conservatory from Esch-sur-Alzette (L)

17.05.2017  |  Wednesday
8.00 pm Big Band "Spuerkees Bankers in concert" (L)

29.05.2017  |  Monday
8.00 pm Big Band Memory (L)

18.05.2017  |  Thursday
8.00 pm Brass Band Feelen (L)

30.05.2017  |  Tuesday
8.00 pm Musekfrënn Gemeng Noumer (L)

19.05.2017  |  Friday
8.00 pm Conservatory Orchestra of Harmony (L)

31.05.2017  |  Wednesday
8.00 pm Grand Ducal Military Music (L)


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