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07.10.2016 - 08.10.2016

Heure : 20:00

Inspired by Shakespeare and the current states of the world seen through the eyes of young people from Afghanistan, Bosnia, China, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg, Syria, Guinea, and many more
Our adaptation of The Tempest is being created in collaboration with various workshops from the project Hariko where young people from different backgrounds meet and work with Hariko's residing artists.
Shakespeare's story treats questions of occupation, exile, imprisonment, justice, freedom and forgiveness - themes that today are probably more relevant than ever.
Idea and concept: Sophie Langevin, Anne Simon, Milla Trausch
With the help of: Hayder Alanbaky, Farid Azizi, Maximillen Jadin, Alaa Krem, Leslie Fischbach
Participating Hariko Resident Artists: Gianfranco Celestino &
Nora Schlesser (contemporary dance), Rosa-Maria Fernandez (urban flamenco), Melanie Marques (hip hop), Looping (breakdance), Stick & Talbot (graffiti), Patrick Rodrigues (violin, guitar), Tohid Tohidi (chant), Mario Tiempo (flamenco guitar);Dany Coimbra (sound), Salam Pallets (set and decor construction), Tiffany Matos (set decoration and paintings), Carmen di Pinto (costumes), Yann Turchi & Victor Talarico (hair), Yara Schumacher (make-up), Aud Legrand, Reiny Rizzi, Anne Lindner (dolls)
Devised and performed by: Mohammad AL-Asady, Zaman AL-muttairi, Tawfik Al-Halabi, Shahom Ali Dablat, Moustapha Baldé, Yazan Doubal, Nour Eldin, Nina Kaiser, Mostafa Panahi, Sarah Schlechter, Yehia Sheikhouney, Papé Sylla, Edin Taletovic, Sisi Yin, Samon Yousefi...
With the participation of: Ayodele Auriade, Anne Frausing, Tarelk Alnabhan, Qussai Albony, Masuma Panahi, Mina Yousefi, Mustafa Albadry, Mahdi Khanzade, Mohammed Ali Mousawi, Khadem Nbizadeh, Omid Tofan, Hossein Rezai, Emeline Trabut, Pauline & Charline Sudre, Robel Andebrhan, Jay, Jason, Kais Varela, Mathias Tapa, Esteban Sauvant, Artur Biba, Antoine Lesch, Leo Van Nieuwenhuyze  & Charly Pearson...


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