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CinEast (Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg)
Film screening followed by a debate on the role of women
Solidarity according to women / Solidarnosc wedlug kobiet (Poland, 2014)
documentary, 113 min, en subtitles
directed by Marta Dzido, Piotr Sliwowski

They were young, beautiful and they had the best years of their lives ahead of them. But instead of settling down they chose to rebel against the communist system. Their enemies tried to destroy their marriages, threatened them with placing their children in the orphanages, but they did not refrain from anything.
In August 1980, when workers, happy with having been given a raise ended the strike and wanted to leave the Gda?sk Shipyard, the women closed the gates and thus began the real strike. What kept them going was a belief that the revolution was meaningful, hoping for a change, feeling real solidarity.
It is a real story about brave Polish heroines, whose wisdom and determination helped to change the political reality in Poland.
The link between two generations  is the director - Marta Dzido. Born in 1981, symbolic daughter of
the Solidarity movement,  she made an attempt of finding and reinstating women who were written out of the recent Polish history.

The film will be followed by a debate about 'women's solidarity' in different aspects of life and women's role in business and politics nowadays.
Together with our guests Marta Dzido (film director) and Piotr ?liwowski (director, producer) we will re-open the discussion about womens' role in history (based on the example of 'Solidarity' movement in Poland).
We will try to find the answer to the question why the majority of women activists accepted the fact that governance and management were the domain of men and disappeared from public life after 1989.
With our third guest, a successful businesswoman (tba) from Luxembourg we will talk about the 'glass ceiling', that keeps women from achieving the same professional position as their male counterparts, regardless of their qualifications or achievements and discuss the challenges that women entrepreneurs face.
The participants of the event will consider how to support each other and use their potential most effectively in order to strengthen the womens' position in business and politics.



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