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17.11.2016 - 20.07.2017

In this class specially designed for beginners we will focus on the enigmatic dances of TAHITI ISLAND. The Tahitian dance is energetic, sensual and at the same time delicate. All this in a cozy space with dim light and candles, creating an intimate atmosphere for senses and body. We will work different combinations of steps to gain control in our legs and hips, paying special attention on hip movements commonly present in Tahitian dance, such as Tairi Tamau, Varu, Hura, Horo or Fa'arapu. We will also work on the control of arms and hands, by using delicately gestures.
Of course, musicality and rhythm will be trained intensively with percussion songs. All techniques learned will be used and practiced in several dance compositions and in a little choreography.Without limit of age and is not necessary previous experience in dance. Registration required to join (Limited places)


A Magical Butterfly

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