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Autres loisirs



Heure : 18:30

Synopsis : In a country haunted by its past, Guatemala's first female attorney general, Claudia Paz y Paz, battles a system that allows criminals to live above the law. The country ravaged for decades by a devastating civil war, in which nearly 200.000 Mayan Indians were systematically massacred, is today one of the most violent countries in the world. Claudia starts a frontal attack against corruption, drug gangs and impunity and does what everyone had hitherto held to be impossible: she arrests former dictator Efraín Rios Montt on charges of genocide. His conviction becomes the first conviction of a former head of state for genocide in a national court in the world history. The movie is a strong case for the fight against impunity and for the rule of law.Soirée organisée par :Frères des Hommes / CPJPO / ASTM


Ciné Utopia

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