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10.01.2017 - 11.07.2017

Smell of incense, candles, oriental rhythms, dance and do exercises specially focused to strength abdominal area, pelvic floor and to correct body posture. 

We will practice different abdominal exercises always protecting our back. We will do a dynamic barre on the floor using the mats to do combinations of oriental dance and fitness focusing attention to strengthen abdominal area, pelvic floor and to correct body posture and alignment. We will train dance steps and movements focusing our energy in pelvic floor and internal structures. The techniques learned in class will be used in dance combinations and choreography. All this in a cozy space with dim light and candles, creating an intimate atmosphere for senses and body, and training with the support of concepts of Belly Dance

LEVEL: Beginners - Without limit of age and without previous experience in dance. 


A Magical Butterfly

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