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Exposition Thématique


03.03.2017 - 17.03.2017

Heure : 11:00

Exposition du cercle artistique "Luka"
Art Group 'Luka' présents paintings, which were included in the project "Tradition". Focus on oeuvre, the proximity of the spirit and form of expression and aesthetic views brings together the artists in this group. Their work which along with biblical and folk motifs présent classical thèmes, traces the interaction of tradition and modemity. The art works help to see the world's beauty in everyday life and fathom a mystery. Artists N. Krutov, S. Volkhonsky,G. Volkhonskaya, I. Pecherskikh and A. Volkhonsky, members of the Moscow Union of Artists and représentatives of the Moscow school of painting, provide stankovizm in the présent (stankovizm is an artistic trend established in the early 20th century in USSR). They seek to reconcile traditional values with the urbanized world.
The authors of the art works, based on the artistic trends of the XX-XXI centuries, by means of new composite solutions and visual images, create a unique créative style and a new look at the world around us.


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