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Great Restorations: The Pick Of The Month
Un rendez-vous mensuel consacré à la gloire du patrimoine
Introduction au film et à sa restauration par Cléo Thoma (journaliste culturelle radio 100,7) | en langue française | environ 10'

USA 1973 | vostf | 132' | c | De: William Friedkin | Avec : Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Linda Blair | Scénario: William Peter Blatty, d'après son roman | « Extended Director's Cut » restauré en 2000 sous la supervision de William Friedkin
> Oscars du meilleur scénario et du meilleur son, 1973
Chris, actrice de télévision, s'inquiète pour sa fille Reagan, douze ans, qui semble atteinte de troubles de la personnalité. Les examens médicaux ne décèlent aucune lésion du cerveau. Chris fait appel à l'Eglise...
« More than any film I've directed, The Exorcist inspired me to the point of obsession each day as I made it. I rejected all constraints, creative and financial. The studio, Warner Bros., thought I had taken leave of my senses. I may have. I made the film believing in the reality of exorcism and never, to this day, thought of it as a horror film. » (William Friedkin)
« A classic, endlessly parodied, very familiar— and it's as utterly horrifying as it was the day it came out. That room - the cold, the purple light, the demonic transformations: it really haunts you. » (Martin Scorsese)
« Suffice it to say, there has never been anything like this on the screen before. » (Joe Dante)
« Quelque chose de dévorant et d'irréductible à la simple artificialité du fantastique traverse le film, la certitude que le Mal existe et qu'il peut s'incarner au cœur même d'un foyer tranquille. » (Libération)
« I've always been happy with the first version I released. But what's called the 'Extended Director's Cut' is actually the first cut I did. I took 12 minutes out of it because I thought it was too long. Over the years William Peter Blatty asked if I would consider putting them back. And 27 years later I put them back. I really did it because I felt, 'why not? It's been out for 27 years so why shouldn't Blatty have the version he originally loved?' I like the stuff we put back. In so doing I believe we strengthened the spiritual aspect of the film.  At the very least there's an extra minute and a half at the end with Lee J. Cobb, and that's always a good thing. » (William Friedkin)


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