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Travel to Luxembourg Travel to Luxembourg

Travel to Luxembourg

Situated in the heart of Europe, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is connected to the far corners of Europe by an excellent...

Getting around Getting around

Getting around

Luxembourg-city is linked to all national cities by an excellent public transport network. The bus/train combination tickets are valid throughout...

Parking Parking


You have the choice between open-air parkings, underground parkings...


About the City of Luxembourg

History History


The origins and the name of Luxembourg are intimately linked with one person, and with one place...

Facts and figures Facts and figures

Facts & Figures

Luxembourg is a parliamentary representative democracy...

Unesco Unesco


Thick bastions and bulwarks, battlement gates, parapets on steep sandstone...

European Capital European Capital

European Capital

After Malta, Luxembourg is the second smallest member state of today’s European Union. Nevertheless it was present at the birth of a united...


About the Luxembourg City Tourist Office

About us About us

About us

Today's “Luxembourg City Tourist Office” was created on 6 December 1933 as the “Syndicat Officiel d’Initiative et de...

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