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Facts & Figures

Luxembourg City

Geographical situation
Longitude 6°07'42
Latitude 49°36'36'

E-W 9,7 km
N-S 10,45 km

Place d'Armes: 304 m
12,656 acres
Highest point
Montée de Dommeldange: 408 m
Highest building
Cour de Justice des Communautés européennes: 103 m
Lowest point
Beggen: 232 m

Surface area of the City 
52,5 km2

31.12.2016: 114.090


Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Official name Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Population (2017) 590.667 inhabitants
Capital Luxembourg



Temperature in °c January April July October 12 months
Maximum 6.2 25.6 35.8 23.5 21.6
Minimum -10.4 -4.1 6.5 -1.7 -2.6
Average 1.2 8.7 18.4 9.5 9.4



Formalities Valid ID card respectively passport required
Currency EUR (€)
Languages French, German and Luxembourgish
Government Constitutional monarchy under the regime of a parliamentary democracy
Head of State HRH the Grand Duke Henri
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel
National holiday June 23rd



Borders Belgium, France and Germany
Surface area 2,586 square kilometres
Distances North-south: 82 km
East-west: 57 km
Altitude above sea level Maximum: 559 m (1,834 feet)
Minimum: 130 m (426 feet)


Constitutional monarchy

Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary representative democracy; it is ruled by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

The Grand Ducal Court

The Government


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