Light and sound show in Luxembourg City

The Christmas magic in Luxembourg city is the pleasure of iceskating on Place Guillaume II, savouring mulled wine, waffles and "Gromperekichelcher" - potato patties - on the market of Place d’Armes, Place de la Constitution, … Add to that the magic of Winterlights comprising three light and sound shows in three city centre locations on three evenings.  Luxembourg artists perform a space and time show and invite you to discover a real opera of light, sound and special effects transforming the outside of the buildings into illuminated, captivating and magical scenes.  

Are you familiar with the term video mapping ?


It is the name of a multimedia subject area consisting of projecting light or videos onto buildings or an architectural framework to create large images. The result, immersing the spectator in a 360° multi-coloured universe. A scenography made of monumental images or different pictures to create a ballet of light.

Sound is of course added to these projections, from a DJ session featuring live music or live bands and other techniques like motion design allowing for the creation of perception of motion stemming from synthetic images. Are you ready to enjoy this memorable experience?

Trailer ‘Luxembourg Light Nights’

‘Space and time’ at the heart of the city

For the second rendition of this illumination and monumental video projection show, Luxembourgish artists propose to embellish three popular locations of the city centre. A unique opportunity to discover the splendours of Luxembourg’s heritage.

Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December 2016 from 18 h to 23 h. Entry is free.

Forecourt of the Grand Ducal Palace

125 years of the Luxembourg-Nassau dynasty
Beryl Koltz

On Thursday 8 December for the opening, the projection in front of the Grand-Ducal Palace will begin at 19.45 h. Following the launch, the City of Luxembourg will treat the public to a hot beverageat the gourmet village near the ice rink at place Guillaume II in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess. A limited edition of cups will be designed for the occasion.

Forecourt of the National Library

Melting Session 8
Paul Schumacher aka Melting Pol

Cité judiciaire 

Steve Gerges

Souvenir du réel
Sandy Flinto and Pierrick Grobéty

Students from the « Lycée des Arts et Métiers »

Monumental projections, playful and unexpected in character

Forecourt of the Grand Ducal Palace
08, 09 and 10 December from 18 h to 23 h.

Beryl Koltz - 125 ans de dynastie Luxembourg-Nassau - Luxembourg Light Nights

125 years of the Luxembourg-Nassau dynasty

  • Video projection 3D
  • Production : Beryl Koltz
  • Design : Urban Screen
  • Music : André Dziezuk

This 3D show for the grand public is an artistic journey through the history of the dynasty of Luxembourg-Nassau. For the occasion, the artist Beryl Koltz has reworked pictures and documents from the archives of the Grand Ducal Court, the National Archives and the Centre National de l’Audiovisuel, some of them previously unreleased.

Beryl Koltz is director, writer and designer who can put her hand to anything. Her work has been awarded fifteen international prizes including a ‘Prix Canal’ and a ‘Mélies d'Or’ (2006), a programming at the MoMA New York (2006), 3 Luxembourg ‘Filmprize’ (2006, 2008, 2012), a nomination for the ‘Victoires de la Musique’ in France (2013), and more recently a ‘Prix de la Rédaction de Courrier International’ (2015), as well as a ‘Creativity Award’ at the FIFA de Montréal (2016). Her last production is the multi-media exhibition ‘Têtes Chercheuses’ for Luxembourg’s National Archives (which can be visited up until 28 February 2017).

Time of performance: The show runs from 6pm to 11pm on the façade of the Grand Ducal Palace, except for the day of the official launch by Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess, on Thursday December 8th, when the first projection will be at 7.45pm.

Following the launch, the City of Luxembourg will treat the public to a hot beverage at the gourmet village near the ice rink at place Guillaume II, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess. A limited edition of cups will be designed for the occasion.

Forecourt of the National Library
08, 09 and 10 December from 18 h to 23 h.

Melting Pol - Melting Session 8 - Luxembourg Light Nights

Melting Session 8 

  • Video projection
  • Live video & mapping: Melting Pol (Paul Schumacher) 
  • Musical programming: 18.00 DJ Deeproot aka Steve Riot, 19.00 D’Lompekréimer, 19.45 Sermeq feat. MiM, 20.30 All Reitz reserved, 21.00  André Mergenthaler solo, 21.45 DJ Deeproots aka Steve Riot
  • Assistant video: Paulo Morgado

Melting Session 8 goes ‘live’. For this new creation, video-mapping is reinvented every night live to the rhythms of musicians and DJs.

This virtual odyssey takes us on a discovery of hidden heritage treasures from the National Archives and those valuable ones from the National Library of Luxembourg. The history of the building, five centuries old, as well as the future construction in Kirchberg are part of the set design.

Pioneering a new art form the ‘VeeJaying’, Paul Schumacher has been dressing the sets of multiple shows and concerts since 1995. During the last few years, he was passionate about new video-mapping techniques. He designs and produces audio-visual shows, among which figure MA3 - seen, reseen and transformed, which features Emmanuel Fleitz a.k.a. Man’OK, musician from the Lorraine region, and the Japanese dancer Sayoko Onishi. Or the Crazy Cinématographe revisted & relooped which was discovered at Le Grand Festival in F - Verdun.

Cité Judiciaire
08, 09 and 10 December from 18 h to 23 h.

Steve Gerges - Cronos - Luxembourg Light Nights


  • 3D video projection immersive at 270°. Sound 5.1.
  • Production : Steve Gerges
  • Original music : Max Roger

With Cronos we evolve in a singular and graphic environment, like a reflection of the universe. From birth to the appearance of mankind to the exploration of space… One question remains : what will be found there?

Steve Gerges is a motion designer in Luxembourg. The artist has more than 15 years of experience in motion design, video production, graphic design and new media.  He appears regularly live as video-jockey for Luxembourgish groups like the duo Artaban.  His last interactive work LAN 2.0 is a permanent attraction which can be visited at the ‘Rotondes’ in Luxembourg city.

Sandy Flinto - Souvenir du réel - Luxembourg Light Nights

Souvenir du réel

  • Visual : Sandy Flinto
  • Soundscape : Pierrick Grobéty

In this kaleidoscopic dream, the flow of sounds and images decorates the buildings of the ‘cité judiciaire‘ which transform into a vast scenography. Sandy Flinto proposes a journey into urban space from archive images. Component and going back over the decades, time is rewound to an imaginery space. The sound universe created by Pierrick Grobéty consists of transformed and fragmented records which express temporality and serve as conductor to a visual frame.

Versatile artist Sandy Flinto was born in Luxembourg in 1983. She graduated in art before following a theatre training. Her voice is located somewhere on the edge of these two disciplines which she mobilises according to the projects she is working on. As soon as they met, a close collaboration was formed between the two artists. Together they put their name to many creations combining visual and acoustic art.

LTAM - Intersection - Luxembourg Light Nights


  • Video projection
  • Production: Students of the 14th grade - BTS Cinéma et Audiovisuel from the LTAM, Lycée des Arts et Métiers de Luxembourg.

The project deals with the topic ‘space and time’ as seen through the eyes of adolescents and takes the form of a short film telling the story of a boy and a girl who go out for the evening. One of the buildings will show the point of view of the boy and the other the point of view of the girl.

The film is punctuated by visual passages based on themes from nature and space which will be used to narrate and will enable a better understanding of certain scenes or to replace dialogue. (For example : in the bar the boy approaches the girl, a moment later the two screens show the courtship of the peacock).

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Success of the first edition

The 2015 edition, created on the occasion of the end of the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, met with great popular success.

International partnerships


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