• Package: Night of the Museums

    11th of October 2014

    Discover the unexpected beauty of a friendly capital city, get to know better this ancient fortress city that was called « Gibraltar of the North » in the days, while you’re enjoying a rich and...

  • Nocturnal guided walking tour

    City Promenade by night

  • Guided Walking Tour

    City Promenade

  • Historical Walking Tour

    Wenzel Circular Walk

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Experience the city of Luxembourg from its best angle at whatever time of the year you visit us: Luxembourg is always a very special pleasure!

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The wide range of hotels - from the luxury five-star with swimming pool and piano - and guesthouses will cater for all your wishes. Luxembourg, the art of hospitality! ...

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What's on

There is always a reason to come to Luxembourg: whether it is for the typical Luxembourg folk festivals, or to visit one of the many cultural events which vary according to the...

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Find further information about the city of Luxembourg...